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Welcome to Ear Piercing Jewelry

Ear piercing is one of the earliest body modifications. It has been existing already for 5000 years. In 1991 in the Austrian Glacier the frozen and mummified 5000 years old body was found. It had 7-11 diameter piercing holes in ears. We can see the carved images of soldiers having their ears pierced on the walls of palace in ancient Persia and Perspolis. In many ancient tribes there was believe that spirits and demons can enter the body through the ear. To prevent it tribal people wore metal earrings because this material was considered to repel the demons. During ancient epoch and in Roman Empire pierced ear was a sign of luxury and wealth. Julius Caesar had pierced ears and only privileged people from upper class of society had the right to wear earrings. Bible also proves the existence and popularity of ear piercing since the beginning of times. Such famous people from the Elizabethan era as Queen Elizabeth herself, Francis Drake, Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh and others wore earrings.

Nowadays exist various kinds of ear piercing- rook piercing, tragus piercing (tough fold of cartilage that sticks out, away from the ear, at the entrance to the ear canal) and antitragus piercing, orbital piercing (enters and exits through the same area of cartilage at the top of the ear), industrial piercing (two or more separate cartilage piercings are joined by one barbell), helix piercing, conch piercing (area of cartilage that makes up the back of the ear), daith piercing and others. In modern society in Asia, Africa and western cultures ear piercing is popular both with women and men. There is a large choice of materials for producing ear piercing jewelry including acrylics, glass, precious stones. But of course precious metals are most popular. But not all kinds of gold and silver are suitable for constant use and fresh piercing. Standard types of earrings are represented by dangles, studs, hoops, slave earrings, huggy earrings, ear threads and ear needles. Hoop earrings have semi-circular or circular shape and include sleepers and hoop earrings which are comfortable for night use. Ear thread is a chain that comes into your ear and goes out from the other side. Stud earring has an invisible point of connection and its screw back supports a security of holding earring in the right place. Dangle earrings can be represented in different length and they could even reach your shoulders. In slave earrings a stud is connected to an ear cuff by a smooth chain. Ear thread is a chain that comes into your ear and goes out from the other side. But still the most common earring types are barbells, captive bead rings, flesh tunnels, or eyelets, which are hollow in the middle and plugs.

You will find all kinds of jewelry for ear piercing at our collection. Earrings made of solid gold, titanium, sterling silver, stainless steel and other materials decorated with sparkling jewels and dangling gems of different colors can be good expansion to your jewelry collection. We provide you with a wide choice, guaranteed high quality of all products for available prices on sale which have already passed special controlling tests and the security of your credit card information.

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